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legattos_dream's Journal

a bush in the desert
23 February
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well lets start by duno.... *runs around scraming "the spanirads are attacking the spaniards are attakcing"* lmao
well I'm salvadorian my name is Guillermo but here and there I like my mid name antonio...don't ask me why its just one of the random impulses that I get now and then...lmao (here and there now and then<---anime)well I go to LSA planining on soon going somewhere all tho I spend a year traveling
EL SALVADOR, L.A cal, SAN FRAN cal, RI, been to NY, NJ, MASS, CN, ATLANTA (not for much of time) could of gone to Ohio but I had school that week of traveling...yeah
well plans for the future:
find a cute fun to be around girl to get involve w/
travel to Europe some time in my life
learn at least 5 languages
some time in my life go in a spiritual journey
experience as much of many cultures as I possibly can.
yup thats it now tell me about your-self.
90's mucis, acting, aero smith, air, air hockey, alice in chains, animals, anime, art, beach, billard, black crowes, black lights, blind melon, books, bush, calm life, cambridge, candelbox, comedy, computers, cowboy bebop, creating, cultures, days of the new, db, dbgt, dbz, desires, desperado, dictionaries, dictionary, downtown providence, drawing, dreams, edgar allan poe, el mariachi, el salvador, exercise, fantaisia, fantasy, fencing, food, forrests, friends, fruit basket, gandhi, ghost in the shell, girls, good will hunting, greek methology, green day, grunge, guitar, guitars, guns 'n' roses, hanging w/ friends, hellsing, hiei, history, house of 1000 corpses, idel hands, imagination, invader zim, japan, knowledge, la salle academy, led zeppeling, life and death, love, love hina, mall, mangas, marvel comics, meet joe black, mistery theatre 3000, moist, motocicles, movies, mudhonney, music, musicals, nature, night, nirvana, pain, panoramic views, pearl jam, philosophy, photography, plays, pocky, poems, poetry, poison, politics, providence, psychololgy, rage against the machines, rain, ramones, ratm, reading, risd, roler blading, rolling stones, rpg, sailor moon, school, sci-fi, sex pistols, shaman king, singing, slam poetry, smash brothers, snow, soccer, solitude, soul calibur ii, sound garden, space, star wars, starts, stone temple pilots, strength, sublime, super natural, swords, thayer street, the beyond, the pillows, traveling, trigun, universities, vampires, vegans, water, witch hunter robin, zelda